5 Ways To Fail With B2B Content Writing

About 41% of B2B marketing representatives consume at least 3-5 pieces of content before making a decision to engage with the concerned sales representative of the product/service under consideration. That’s understandable, considering the relatively sophisticated B2B buying landscape, which requires stakeholder buy-in, due diligence, and more. It’s here that B2B content writing becomes a critical […]

How Can IT Companies Market to B2B Tech Buyers

B2B tech buyers are typically inundated with a plethora of marketing campaigns and messages from various technology vendors. Standing out in this crowded marketplace requires a tailored approach that speaks to their specific needs and pain points. Gartner outlines that 93% of B2B buyers want a business case associated with the technology solutions, and understandably […]

The Future of IT Marketing & How Should Companies Prepare

Marketing for IT companies differs from traditional marketing strategies in several ways. For one, IT companies often target a niche market of tech-savvy or core industrial customers who have specific needs and preferences. This requires a more targeted approach, focusing on specialized features and functionality that appeal to this audience. Furthermore, IT companies face unique […]