ignite FY 2021-22

This is for you if you're seeking a turnaround as the post-pandemic world of opportunities opens.

Are you, 

  • A B2B company? 
  • Looking to adopt a powerful digital strategy to build awareness in a world with fewer face-to-face meetings and constrained travel?

What goes into a Digital Strategy and how it helps:

Content like blogs, whitepapers, case studies, eBooks (to improve searchability, grow awareness, and build the right brand perception) 

Social Media on B2B focused channels (to stay visible to the target audience on the channels they turn to for education, information, and networking) 

Personal Branding of company leadership (to build thought leadership and use the network on founders to amplify the message of the company)

BUT... You don’t have the expertise and bandwidth for this. ​
Well, here is the solution.
Here is the best way to kick off your FY 2021-22 goals
(with support from India’s Best B2B Agency).

Over the next three months,

You get

What Midas Touch will do

What you need to do


Write 5 blogs with minimal to no inputs from you 


Thought Leadership Articles

Write 2 thought leadership articles to be published in the name of company CXOs (again, with minimal to no inputs from you)


Landing Page 

Create content for one focused landing page linked directly to a specific sales campaign or event

Share details about the campaign

Case Study 

Create content for one case study that can be used in the later stages of the sales funnel (approx. 400-500 words)

Share specific inputs on the project delivered


Post 30-35 updates on your LinkedIn company page 


LinkedIn status updates 

Provide 5 thought-leading LinkedIn status updates for one of your CXOs


Email campaign 

Content for 1 email drip campaign (1 primary email + 2 follow up emails to that email) 

Share details about the sales campaign


Channel management with creation and posting of 250-300 tweets 


Monthly Report 

A report capturing deep analytics and insights 

Payment of Rs. 49,000 each month 


What you can expect?

Midas Touch Delivers
Extremely high-quality, international standard blog content

You can Expect
Over a period, you will experience increased organic traffic to your website, higher ranking on search engines, acquire assets for your Social Selling and Lead Nurturing efforts.

Midas Touch Delivers
Activated LinkedIn presence 

You can Expect
A more professional presence on LinkedIn for customers, prospects and talent.

Midas Touch Delivers
Activated Twitter presence

You can Expect
Greater awareness amongst the target audience, closer association with the values they care about. Setting a foundation for future connection with journalists and industry influencers

Midas Touch Delivers
LinkedIn status updates 

You can Expect
Enhanced personal brand for the CXO, increased visibility within the LinkedIn network, and more relevant connection requests.

Midas Touch Delivers
Landing Page

You can Expect
An anchor for specific sales campaigns 

Midas Touch Delivers
Case Study 

You can Expect
A useful resource for later in the sales cycle 

Midas Touch Delivers
Email Campaign

You can Expect
Professional content to drive up the open rates of your email campaigns 

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for contracts signed before May 30, 2021.
  • The price is Rs. 49,000 (exclusive of taxes) per month.
  • The contract period is 3 months only – at the end of the contract period, the scope and price will be changed as per mutual agreement at the time.
  • An invoice will be raised in the first 10 days of each month after the contract starts and the payment needs to be made before the end of the month.
  • A detailed month-wise schedule for the content elements, social media themes, and other activities will be prepared at the start of the engagement based on the specific focus areas and campaign directions by you. 


About Midas Touch

We help B2B companies make a digital impact. We do this by leveraging the power of content, social media, and other channels.

To us, making a digital impact means:

  • More people from your target customers will know about you, your skills
  • You will be perceived as experts or thought-leaders
  • Your target customers will respond more warmly to your sales outreach efforts

Here is a glimpse of some of our success stories. We

  • Helped a web development company achieve an 8X increase in targeted traffic from LinkedIn for a specific campaign.
  • Helped a test automation product company deeply engage with a tightly defined target audience within LinkedIn. The ongoing discussion received worldwide attention and generated a popular crowdsourced eBook on Functional Test Automation.
  • Helped a Malaysian HealthTech company capture the high ground for a promising technology area through a concerted digital strategy.
  • Helped a company with a very niche signage solution offering become visible, generate warmer connections, and drive incoming offline enquiries.