The State of AI Writers Report 2023

Words in the age of AI - The possible paradigm shift in content creation

Amid the hype surrounding AI writers, “The State of AI Writers Report 2023” emerges as a beacon, cutting through the noise to reveal the true essence of AI-driven content creation. While many tout the wonders of artificial intelligence in writing, Midas Touch Consultants delves deeper, separating fact from fiction. Through meticulous research and hands-on testing, we present an objective look at the capabilities, potential, and pitfalls of AI writing tools like ChatGPT in the B2B tech sector. This report isn’t just an analysis—it’s a guide for businesses seeking clarity in a world rampant with AI promises. They can better understand what AI can (and can’t) do for their content.

About the Research

To gauge the real impact and potential of AI writers, we embarked on a rigorous assessment journey. Throughout the course of experimentation, we tested the prowess of leading GPT-3 and GPT-4-powered AI writing tools, including the renowned ChatGPT. Drawing from 80 meticulously crafted articles across diverse technology themes, we’ve unearthed insights that shed light on the future of content creation in the B2B sector.

Key Findings Preview

A staggering 55% of articles saw AI writers contributing less than 50% of the content.

Surprisingly, listicles, which are often deemed straight forward, posed challenges for AI, with 600-word articles taking over 2 hours of continuous work.

Thought leadership content, while benefiting from AI brainstorming, lacked the unique authenticity that sets businesses apart.

Key Insights

The AI Advantage

Discover how AI writers augment the content creation workflow, offering inspiration, speeding up processes, and adding diversity to narratives.

The Challenges

Dive into areas where AI writers fall short, from producing time-bound content to emulating brand voice and ensuring originality.

The Future

Understand the implications of AI-driven content for thought leadership content, how-to guides, and more, and how businesses can harness its potential while navigating its challenges.

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