Radha Giri

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Radha is a young and dynamic entrepreneur whose passion is marketing and technology. By creating recognized brands she helps businesses generate revenue; her method – apply her business acumen to advanced digital and social media marketing techniques. She has led highly creative marketing teams and defined successful go-to-market plans and strategies for multiple innovative, award-winning software products and services.

Radha has also shared her expertise and invaluable insight through her recently published eBook “Are you Socially Shy?” The book describes how, in a matter of hours, businesses can start with social media. A trove of practical tips, suggestions and examples, this book makes a wonderful read for anyone looking to understand the hows of wielding social media and its possible impact, and so it quickly became a best-seller on Lulu.

Dual degrees lend a solid foundation to Radha’s expertise, a Master’s in Technology keeps her skills relevant to her enterprise, while a Master’s in Law helps her understand finer legal aspects when it comes to patent writing and trademark filing for various software products.

Sanjeev Nambudiri​


Sanjeev is a 20 year veteran of the sales trenches. He has led high performing sales team & also personally sold hardware & software products, software services & professional services across the length & breadth of India, APAC, Australia & the US for companies like Microland, CalSoft, Harbinger Knowledge Products & Xoriant. In this time he has come to firmly believe 2 things. First that Sales really is a process requiring a carefully thought out, structured step by step approach to make the most of the market opportunity. The other that differentiation absolutely is key & this should start way before one even starts talking about an opportunity.

He is a recent but committed convert to the role that marketing & social media can play in growing sales & differentiation & sees a bright future for organisations willing to apply these methods!