The Differentiation Dimension

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of companies that are claiming the same expertise, skills, and clients as you.

You need to “differentiate”

The ‘What’ of differentiation?

Even in a crowded space like “IT services”, you need to be able to uniquely position yourself to catch the eye of your target customers and convince them to engage with you. Your greatest competitive advantage could be a differentiated story.

The ‘Why’ of differentiation?

Very soon, you will need to go beyond the circle of your immediate network and references. You will need to reach out to an audience that does not know you but is bombarded with communication from companies similar to you. What will make them look at you differently and give you an opportunity to present your expertise?

The ‘How’ of differentiation?

Even if you are in a competitive space, you have your specific expertise, niche skills, unique successes, testimonials, and compelling stories of projects that you have done or challenges you have solved. Differentiation is all about articulating these in a manner that resonates with your target customer.

Sounds hard?

Not with Midas Touch.
We help you powerfully achieve this through

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