B2B Content Marketing

55-60% of the buying decision is made by the time a potential buyer engages with you, the vendor. The prospect now relies on evidence found online. The content that you create is key to ensuring the right message about you and your capabilities is found by prospects online.

We can help you create content that is insightful, relevant, helpful and most importantly, available to prospects when they seek it – from impactful landing pages to insightful white papers.

Blog / Thought Leadership

Google (them again!) has made it clear that it prefers sites that have fresh content as against static “built once and forgotten” sites. The best way to showcase your interests and expertise (and create a regular stream of fresh content) in an ongoing manner is an insightful blog.

Organisations sometimes worry that they may not have the writing skills or the bandwidth to pull a regular blog off. This is where we step in – we help translate your expertise into insightful content based on a custom editorial calendar – you bring the experts we bring the blogging skills!

Whitepapers / eBooks

Putting together information that could be useful to your prospects and then making it available for them to download is an extremely effective mechanism for Lead Generation and building a qualified opt-in “List”. We can help with everything from putting together the publishing plan to actually designing and writing the content based on inputs from your experts as well as in the promotion and subsequent lead capturing and qualification.

Webinars and Podcasts

Our experience is that good audio (or video) content is an under-utilised resource offering tremendous potential for differentiation. A presentation or interview with an in-house or industry expert or a customer webinar is a great way to deliver a sense of your expertise in a specific area and podcasts are just as effective. We can help with designing the entire process including defining the strategy, guest management, questions and content definition as well as in the execution and promotion.

Press Release

It’s true that all publicity is good publicity. All organisations have stories they want the world to hear and triumphs that should become legend. We help make your achievements known to the digital world – everything from advice on the kind of news that would work best to drafting and distributing the release.

Landing Pages

Visibility and thought leadership must be leveraged for business impact. If you are targeting a particular customer segment or sub segment or have a specific offering, then landing pages are great ways to convey a targeted message. We work with your sales and business-development teams to finalize the landing page topics and create a content. The landing pages become the destination for specific outbound campaigns, social media campaigns, including email and ad campaigns.

Case Studies

The great work you have done for your customers must be showcased through case studies for “objection handling” in the later stages of your sales cycle. We help you create these success stories based on specific information provided by you in response to simple-to-answer questions. The case studies are text-light, easy to read, and focused on business impact delivered.

Email Newsletters

A monthly newsletter is a great way to stay on the radar of people who have engaged with you in the past but still in consideration stage or not converted. We create crisp emails to catch the attention of recipients, allow them to scan through the contents rapidly, and still get the message.