4 Areas AI Writers Excel at for B2B Tech Content Writing

The rise of AI is the biggest disruption in the 21st-century corporate world. The AI writing tools powered by GPT-3 and 4 models are generating content at a rapid pace. However, amid rising capabilities, can an AI content writer deliver the essence of technical writing?

It’s a fair question as numerous studies have shown that AI is highly efficient in providing generic, definition-oriented, basic content. It fails to understand the fine line between technical and non-technical stuff. Let’s look at the role of AI in technical content.

The Relationship between AI and Humans

Will Chatgpt take my job? Is it better at creating content? AI content writers will replace non-tech writers in the next 5-10 years. We keep hearing radical opinions with people overestimating the capacity of an AI model. The potential is indeed improving daily and we cannot ignore AI’s effects any longer. 

It’s all computation and human assistance can create a difference in personality and technical nuance. The best artificial tools recommend refining the content as per human expertise. Therefore, a systematic collaboration to write blog outlines will give better and faster results.  

Here is the final verdict – AI content writers will not replace humans. Until artificial intelligence develops its own mind, the demand for humane content will remain forever. In technical writing, deep insights and perspectives can come only from industry leaders. 

But, don’t stop yourself from getting your hands dirty in the AI world. Despite its limitations, AI content writers will deliver smarter work in less time.

4 Areas AI Content Writers will Excel

1. Technical Research

The one thing that bumps out B2B tech writers is content research. Yes, it’s a known fact that research is the foundation to develop quality content. But, let’s be honest, we hate searching articles on Google to filter information. 7 out of 10 resources will be bad and you have to spend significant time extracting relevant, detailed, and, contextual data.

This is where AI content writers can leverage the power of artificial tools like Gemini, Chatgpt, and Jasper to automate redundant tasks. Here is a detailed breakdown.

  • These bots use the entire internet to spit out information at the click of a button, saving time, energy, and manual effort.
  • It can lay down everything you need to create the structure of your content.
  • Additionally, AI provides different arguments for enhancing the quality of your B2B tech content.

2. Ideation and Brainstorming

Let’s suppose you are writing an article on “ The Best B2B IT Applications”. The benefits of content writing using GPT will give you a list of the best apps along with their services and detailed reviews. In fact, if you write accurate prompts, Chatgpt will provide the user’s pain points these applications solve daily. 

It excels at brainstorming and adding specific points to your blog. Take it a step further by going through multiple examples until you are satisfied with the results. However, it’s crucial to note that AI tools produce mediocre content without validating real-time information. Add your voice and personality by validating the content with trusted sources.

3. Proofreading

This is a basic thing but an important role that AI content writers use to enhance their quality. Proofread your content for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism issues. You can also check the tone and readability of the final message. For example, Hemingway’s editor and Grammarly cut passive voice, complicated sentences, and unnecessary adjectives or adverbs. 

4. Content Template

We don’t need to specify the importance of SEO in the AI content writer guidebook. If you have a keyword and are clueless about incorporating it in a blog, ask AI to generate ideas to get you started. Furthermore, generate headline suggestions, titles, and meta descriptions to fit your B2B content. The first response might be basic but better personalization with prompt engineering will give good output. 

Pro Tip: Never start your AI content writer research without understanding the core needs of your audience, your business focus, and the topic in hand. AI has the habit of producing content in a flowery language so don’t get fooled by the use of superior words. People will connect with a personal, experience-driven story rather than a robotic, authoritative voice. 

Before moving to the list of AI tools to use, we will take a look at the recent Google content update.

What’s Google Up To?

The latest core algorithm update has Google penalizing sites using AI-generated content. We knew this would be the outcome sooner or later as people started using AI extensively. This reaffirms the notion that AI cannot meet the platform’s quality standards. Our expert opinion is to stop relying on AI completely as it’s important to add a personal touch to the content you create online. 

Next, let’s cover the best AI tools to use for initial research and analysis.

The Top AI Content Writer Tools – Our Pick

There are many AI tools for content writing and we have tested many to understand their accuracy and standards.

1. Chatgpt

It is the no.1 tool dominating the market for AI content writers. It uses deep learning and language processing to generate text. There are multiple iterations and Chatgpt provides results using generative algorithms that make sense in the real world. It will be exciting to watch it enhance B2B content in the future. 

2. Copy.AI

It’s easy to misunderstand the name but it offers plenty of creativity tools and templates that will help AI content writers overcome writer’s block. However, it provides surface-level outputs as expected and you need to dig deeper into the topic to write high-quality B2B content. 

3. Jasper

If you are a tech blogger, JASPER AI will take your creativity to new heights. Powered by the GPT-3 model, it has a long-form editor to pick relevant context from any information. It also has a built-in plagiarism detector and SEO Surfer integration to optimise the blog as per SEO standards. The con is there are limited topics to search in JASPER. 

4. WordTune

Want to fine-tune your AI content writer piece? Use WordTune to create crisp, concise and appealing paragraphs. It uses natural language processing(NLP) technology to understand the context and write a clear message matching your tone and voice. There is a built-in AI integration to fact-check the text. 

Finally, let’s address the commonly asked questions to gain deep clarity on AI writing.

FAQs – 4 Areas AI Writer Excel at for B2B Tech Content Writing

What is the future of B2B content writing after AI?

AI is gaining dominance in the field of content writing. But, the importance of personalization and nuance will be equally important in creating thought-provoking and information-driven content. 

How will AI replace writers?

No,  AI will never replace human writers. It is a tool to assist human creativity and will not duplicate tasks like writing or drawing. 

How will AI impact technical writing?

Artificial intelligence has simplified the research process by collecting information in a single place. Technical writers will benefit from prompts that will help them overcome writer’s block. 

Is the AI Revolution Here to Stay?

The debate between AI-generated and human content is a trending topic with various possibilities and arguments. Whether you like it or hate it, AI content writers will be in demand and like Google’s recent updates, other solutions to counter the role of AI will follow in the coming years. Personalization will be crucial in the wheel of content marketing to drive growth in the future.
If you are struggling to understand the dynamic nature of B2B content marketing, connect with MidasTouch to fuel your business growth in the right direction.

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