B2B Content Marketing: Should You Write for Humans or Google?

B2B content writing

Most marketers are stumped between Google’s algorithm updates and the need to create high-quality content. Do we write for humans or google? Many marketing experts suggest optimizing your B2B content writing with keywords, and various SEO tactics. This is important but all your marketing endeavors will fail if your content doesn’t provide anything valuable.

Let’s understand why writing for humans can help you rank better on Google.

The Intricacies of Google

Google is a hard taskmaster and the no.1 search engine platform is as good as a human editor. Yes, you read that right. If you are over-optimizing your B2B content writing without adding any meaningful value, google will immediately flag your content and remove it permanently. 

In other words, writing content for humans will yield positive results in the long term. The shift from generic stuff to value-based content is the golden rule to stay relevant in the ranking game. 

Let’s gain clarity on what is user-first content.

Create for People and Search Engines will Follow

People first content takes B2B interactions to the next level. Never compromise on readers’ expectations to gain better results. Here are some characteristics of user-friendly B2B content writing.

1. Research More, Write Less 

Behind every powerful content, there is a need to solve a user’s pain point. While tracking branded and non-branded keywords is crucial, efficient marketers conduct research to create topics that match with what the users are looking for. 

Use social listening tools to understand the readers’ expectations before creating the content from scratch. Shift your focus from vanity metrics and understand the psychology of the user. Once user-specific content is ready, people will start flocking to your website, prompting Google to mark your content as highly valuable, thus increasing its ranking. 

2. First-hand and Credible Information

Repurposing content is fine but quality B2B content writing takes information from credible first-hand resources. Every word you put out on the internet should come from personal expertise and verified knowledge – not repackaged from other websites to fill the word count. 

3. Observe Google’s Core Content Quality Updates

People think Google is a tough nut to crack and B2B content writing is hard. If you are following content marketing B2B best practices, then nothing can stop your content from ranking higher on the search results page. For example, a product review article has to include an honest, unbiased, and detailed review from a user’s point of view. Additionally, the structure, readability, and format matter significantly. 

Periodic updation of content to match the latest industry insights is equally important to maintain the quality of your content. 

4. Easy to Comprehend 

Does the content reflect the final message? Your user needs to skim the entire content and take the next step easily. 

5. Thought Leadership

Regardless of your B2B content marketing ideas, building authority is the key to crafting compelling content that appeals to Google and your target users. And building authority doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you have a team of subject matter experts or are writing it yourself, the goal is to appear logical, authentic, and real to Google and its bots. 

Now, let’s understand the best B2B content marketing tips to write for Google and your target audience. 

5 Tips to Write B2B Content Online

1. Keyword Stuffing is a Big No

We all understand the importance of including keywords in an article and how they help google maintain the ranking and indexation rate. But the reality is you should never overstuff keywords in every paragraph of the blog. Many of us make the mistake of prioritizing the primary, secondary, and LSI keywords.

Instead, pay attention to B2B content writing and create content with proper flow and structure. Additionally, the content should not feel forced and out of context. 

2. Fluff is a Reader’s Enemy

It is tempting to add fluff but the content loses its relevance if you are not sticking to creating meaningful blogs. Save your reader from working too much to get the answer by getting straight to the point.

The idea is to generate content that serves its final purpose – to build authentic trust with your audience. This may even help you to get inside the featured snippet or earn a spot in the FAQs section of Google. 

For example – Someone is searching for the term – The best IoT service providers in India. The best way to approach this query would be to provide a listicle containing the top IoT service providers along with their reviews. It’s best to avoid describing the dos and don’ts of IoT because this particular user is looking for a solution provider. This makes it even more important to identify the search intent behind any keyword or term. 

3. Structure and Format

Nobody likes reading long content and people won’t skim through your entire blog or website. Present the information in short, digestible structures like bullet points, short paragraphs, subheadings, and one-liners. Google likes this B2B content writing because humans like to read scannable content. 

Break your content with proper heading tags so that both search engine platforms and end users benefit from the article. 

4. Cite Authority Sources

Whenever possible, add verified links and trusted resources to your blog, website, posts, or articles, showing users they can trust the main message of the content. Give credit to other writers and creators. You can even earn quality backlinks from these top sources.  

5. Visual Experience Goes a Long Way

In the era of the internet, written content can only do so much but adding infographics and images adds to the readership experience. Present your B2B content writing in a clear, crisp infographic or embed a video at the top of your post. This will help people linger on your website or article for a long duration and inform Google that your content is indeed a gem for the target audience. 

Finally, as we wrap up the content marketing B2B best practices to write high-quality content, let’s address the commonly asked queries of users.

FAQs – B2B Content Writing

Does content marketing work for B2B?

Yes, B2B companies rely on content to reach their target audience efficiently. Almost all businesses need to deliver impactful messages that cover the USP of their product or service. It is the content that differentiates them from their competitors.

Which is better for B2B Facebook or linkedln?

Linkedln is your primary platform to target like-minded professionals and gather highly qualified leads for your business. 

How to understand the search intent of a user?

Use social listening tools and built-in Google Analytics to measure user behavior. If you can realise why the user is searching for that particular term and conduct thorough research on conversion rates, your content will soar high in the eyes of Google and the target user. 


Data and keywords are the skeletons of B2B content writing, offering support and structure to the final writing process. If you are being clear, direct and your reader can understand what you mean, then Google will also support your content. However, B2B content can get complex in the rising digital ecosystem. To put the right foot forward, get in touch with Midas Touch to skyrocket your B2B content marketing initiatives.

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