The 3 Changes B2B Sales Veterans MUST Embrace To Stay Relevant

Sales – The one thing important for the growth of the business. Until a few years ago, B2B sales included in-person meetings, cold emailing, and client discovery calls. However, it’s 2024 and the story is drastically different as the sales cycle has evolved and the way we sell is rapidly going out of fashion. 

In this blog, we will be looking at the top reasons why the sales industry needs an urgent revamp and the 3 changes that sales professionals must embrace to stay relevant in the B2B industry. 

The Future Ahead for Nurturing B2B Clients

It’s a common gimmick for companies to develop sales toolkits and push their offerings without understanding the needs of the customer. This product-centric approach neglects the need for relationship-first B2B sales models. The result is a templatized mechanism that overlooks the preference of an individual client. Here are the 4 major reasons why the sales industry needs a newer strategy.

1. The Customer Comes First, not at the Last

Many business executives report similar problems while dealing with clients. They often complain that the B2B sales process is no longer feasible to attract good quality leads. Do you remember Jordan Belfort’s famous line (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”? – sell me this pen.

Just like in the movie, everyone will start focussing on the sales part; however, the actual idea is to focus on why the customer should buy this pen. Top sales experts understand the process from a buyer’s perspective and build real relationships to drive long-term success. 

2. Not Adopting Omnichannel Strategies

The significant drop in conversation with new prospects and a low response to cold phone calls and email campaigns. Sounds similar, right? The constant dry spells reveal a major flaw in the B2B sales cycle. We are in a bubble thinking that as the primary source of information for the client, we get to decide their problem and offer the tailored solution at a predetermined price.

However, almost all B2B buyers are using multiple channels like emails, chats, and social media posts to gather information. Chances are that even before your prospects reach your website, they are fully aware of the product information. Therefore, engaging leads on multi-channel platforms is crucial to maintain long-term growth.

3. Cold Outreach is on its Deathbed

There was a time when every salesperson would swear by the effectiveness of cold outreach campaigns. Sadly, this trend is likely to expire in the coming years. The easy access to information and rising digital trends have inundated businesses with oversaturated calls making it harder to stand out. 

4. Sales Folks Lack Complete Control

Gone are the days when the buyer was curious to learn about the B2B sales industry. They are uber informed and are not dependent solely on the information we provide. Over 60- 70% of the sales journey is already completed before engaging with a particular vendor. This means the user has already collected relevant data, analyzed the solutions and prepared the list of vendors matching their problem statement.

This is no longer a seller-buyer relationship but a buyer-driven process where clients make decisions on their terms. 

Next, let’s understand the 3 changes that sales veterans must adopt to stay ahead of the competition. 

3 Vital Trends in B2B Sales

1. The Role of Generative AI

AI tools have become common in the consideration and discovery process. It is estimated that 70-80% of B2B buyers actively use generative AI to evaluate and choose products and services. The first step is optimizing sales resources to understand the buyer’s behaviour. What challenges do your sales team face in their daily activities?

Many sales reps underestimate the rising impact of AI in B2B sales. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can engage with potential leads, collect quality information and streamline the lead-generation process.

So, what is the solution for sales executives to maintain high quality? Let’s understand the larger picture.

Upskill, Innovate and Adapt 

  • Sales training for B2B: Essential for supporting teams and fostering meaningful relationships.
  • Embrace AI: Rather than rejecting it, B2B sales veterans should learn to use AI effectively.
  • Invest in training programs: Enhance the capacity of sales teams to leverage AI tools.
  • Predictive analytics: Analyze future trends and past buying data.
  • Understand customer preferences: AI helps executives grasp customer behaviour and preferences.
  • Foster efficiency: Utilize AI to streamline sales processes and optimize strategies.
  • Strengthen relationships: AI-enabled insights can enhance client interactions and deepen relationships.
  • Adapt to changing landscapes: Embrace technology to stay competitive in the evolving B2B sales landscape.

2. Leveraging Content 

Content marketing has changed the game of B2B sales significantly. Your company’s content plays a key role in identifying the what, how, who, and why of your product offering. Times are changing and sales professionals must accept the role of B2B content to bring high value to prospects without sounding too salesy. 

  1. B2B sales tips include using specialised content as a tool to address industry challenges and offer solutions.
  2. The sales process begins by understanding the psychology of the buyer. 
  3. A detailed journey should be mapped out with different B2B content marketing ideas for every selling stage. 
  4. Remember sales is not an after-service, last-stage tactic. It is offering solutions to clients even before they think of making the final purchase. 

3. Transparency is the Key

Why do you think the B2B sales process is going through a transition phase? The rise of digital platforms has evolved the mindset of users. They want to remove the guesswork from the sales journey. In simple words, making the buyer a part of the business reality is the main objective.

You are not selling a product, you are selling an aspirational message, the dream and the promise of a better life that the users will experience after using your product or service. A new visitor to your website shouldn’t hunt for new information. Instead, offer a high level of transparency related to your philosophy, mission, goals, and partnerships. 

On a final note, B2B sales cannot function as a separate entity. Whether it be marketing, designing, customer experience or sales team, people should collaborate and provide an immersive experience to the buyer.  

FAQs – The 3 Changes B2B Sales Veterans MUST Embrace To Stay Relevant

How can I be a good B2B salesperson?

All sellers speak about providing value but few are actually doing it. Be proactive, minimize the buyer’s risk and analyse the user behaviour to offer high-end services to the customer. Interact less, and listen more by asking questions about the user’s pain points. 

What is the future of the B2B relationship between customers and suppliers?

The buyer-seller relationship will change completely in the future as people are no longer restricted to a single source of information. Thus, a collaborative approach with detailed sales guidelines will be crucial to manage the equation between customers and suppliers. 

What are the B2B sales trends in 2024?

The trending role of AI will be the single biggest disruptor in the B2B industry with predictive analytics and automation tools gaining center stage in offering personalized solutions to customers. 

Is Sales Changing Forever – Our Take

We think evolving B2B sales cycles are nothing new but the only thing constant in business. The growing role of AI, targeted buyer personas, and the impact of niche-specific content is playing a bigger role in changing the B2B landscape. Adapt, innovating, and strategizing are the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. 

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