5 Pune Tech Companies That Are Rocking Content and Social Media Marketing

B2B Social Media and Content Marketing

Content and Social Media Marketing have got a bad name. Despite what the statistics say, most B2B companies still tend to believe that these incredible marketing platforms work only for those companies or brands that have an exciting product or service or a huge following of Gen Xers or Millennials (think B2C). However, for every exciting Go-Pro, there is an IBM that is leveraging social platforms and channels to connect with their audience (exciting or not)! If you are one of those who believes that it’s only fun brands that can rock social media, here’s a little something to break those assumptions.


Qualitia offers a one-of-its-kind scriptless test automation platform that promises not to put the testers to test. Their clients span high-growth businesses to large enterprises with names like ZS, Nuance, Whirlpool, Deloitte to their credit.  You can find Qualitia focusing heavily on their content marketing initiatives and aligning that with their social channels. They have a well-populated blog page that is informative and educational and showcases their strengths with precision -all while talking to their target segments directly.

They have a social presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. However, each channel is being used for a specific goal – Twitter for brand awareness and engagement, LinkedIn for discussions and Facebook for organizational engagement. A central value Qualitia seems to promote is the speed with which test automation can be accomplished with their product -so keep an eye out for their quirky creatives and posts about everything speed.


Calsoft, a leading software product engineering company that specializes in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud, IoT, and Analytics have been active in their social initiatives for many years now.

From connecting with influencers in their line of business, and improving the outcomes of the conferences they attend by connecting with speakers and influencers on Twitter, Calsoft has their social game sorted. They are also active on LinkedIn and use the platform efficiently to further recruitment drives, generate relevant conversations in their line of business and demonstrate product leadership through their content initiatives. Their blogs tend to be tech-focused and always topical. The company seems to be dipping into the video content stream -interviews with their leaders, complete with views on events, trends, and industry happenings are generating lots of interest.


Inteliment is an Information Technology, and Services company and a leading provider of Data-Driven Analytical Solutions & Services in Visual & Predictive Analytics, Data Science, IoT, Mobility & Artificial Intelligence.  Inteliment is using LinkedIn to showcase their product portfolio and their solutions expertise in their line of business. They have an eclectic content mix where they talk about how the technologies they use are having a real-world impact and how industries are using them.

They seem to use both LinkedIn and Twitter extensively to connect with their audience before specific conferences and events. Whether it is industry news or information regarding the universe of the technologies they work with, just log on to their social channels and get the complete lowdown! Their CEO’s content and social channels are particularly rich and varied and seem to be a key strategic focus.

ForgeAhead Solutions

ForgeAhead Solutions is also an Information Technology and Services company working in the domain of product development, mobility, UI/UX, and Specialized QA services. The company is very active on Twitter and LinkedIn and both their handles offer a wealth of knowledge.

This company is active in several places on LinkedIn and posts regular updates that seem to generate a lot of engagement. If you want to know why Java is The Most Popular Programming language or are interested in knowing The 7 (Less Obvious) Qualities of a Great Software Product Engineer, or The factors to Consider While Developing a Cloud Product, then just head to their LinkedIn Company Page and from there to their blog site. Their Twitter handle is also quite well populated with an eclectic mix of tweets that not only talk about their own areas of interest and services but also about what’s happening in the industry, trends, developments etc. They seem to be quite proficient in seeking out great-looking infographics in these tech areas -good to look at and easy to learn from.

eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd.

eNyota Learning Pvt. Ltd. is an established company focused on providing learning solutions to organizations worldwide. eNyota leverages Twitter and LinkedIn with ninja-like precision. They proactively discuss industry development on both these social channels. They also have a robust content strategy and seem to publish a wealth of new blogs each month. These blogs seem to be engaging as well as educative. There is an interesting blend of strategic direction and tactical tips visible on their blog site. They use these channels to ensure that their content touches a large audience. They also seem to be able to leverage the content that they create for some very engaging conversations on LinkedIn. This is an organization that seems to believe that sharing is caring -many of the employees seem to have an eagle eye on the content shared from the company social properties and they then proceed to share it from their won handles as well. Employee advocacy never looked so easy.

These companies prove that the social and content game is not just for the snazzy consumer brands but also for the more cerebral and technical as well. It’s all about identifying the purpose of your messaging and finding the right platform to connect with your target audience.

(In the spirit of full disclosure – not all the companies named here are customers of Midas Touch. Some are just names that amaze and inspire us with their social skills!)

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