Top 7 Factors to Consider While Creating Landing Pages for B2B Tech Companies

Best B2B landing pages

Crafting Best B2B landing pages for tech companies can be tricky. Success depends on spotlighting the problem, clear promotion, and guiding prospects to conversion. 

Our guide dives into standout landing pages from 2023, breaking down their triumphs to fuel your tech venture. Learn how to captivate and convert with our insider knowledge. 

Let’s get started!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a website page created solely to market a product. It is often used for marketing and advertising campaigns. Unlike other web pages, it is stripped of distractions to include a call-to-action (CTA) to capture visitor’s attention.

The content and design are created to convey a clear message and encourage them to take action – signing up for a newsletter, requesting a demo, or making a purchase. Landing pages, therefore, play a crucial role in digital marketing strategies as they optimize connections and track a campaign’s success.

Difference Between Landing Page and Home Page:

A landing page is different from a home page, here is how:

  1. Purpose:
  • Landing Page: Landing pages are created with specific goals in mind such as generating leads, product promotion, and event registration. They are usually designed to advertise a product. 
  • Home Page: Home pages on the other hand are the main entry point to a website, and therefore provide an an overview of the entire site. It guides the users to various sections of the website.
  1. Content:
  • Landing Page: The content is tailored to suit a particular campaign, and emphasizes a single message often featuring a call-to-action (CTA) or form.
  • Home Page: Home pages offer a broader range of information about the entire website. It shows different aspects of the company like navigation links reviews and potentially multiple calls to action.
  1. Design:
  • Landing Page: Designed to promote a cleaner and more focused design, the landing page minimises distractions and makes the CTA more direct. It may lack extensive navigation elements to keep the focus on the campaign goal.
  • Home Page: Home pages have a more comprehensive design, featuring navigation menus, various sections, and an overview of the website’s offerings. It aims to direct users to explore different aspects of the company’s site.

Now that you know what you’re working to achieve, let’s check out the different landing page strategies for B2B tech companies!

7 Landing Page Strategies for B2B Tech Companies

Effective B2B tech landing pages require a strategic approach to engage and convert clients. Here are a few key strategies:

1. Clarity:

  • Clear Goal: Remember B2B tech company landing pages are usually viewed by the decision-makers of other businesses. Therefore be clear with your ideas and do not waste time. To make sure your audience understands your content, clearly showcase what you wish to highlight.
  • Align with Campaign: It is important to ensure that the landing page seamlessly fits with the corresponding marketing or advertising campaign of your B2B tech business. Omit unnecessary additions that distract the audience from the call to action.

Example: If your aim is lead generation, your landing page should mention, “Unlock Exclusive Insights: Sign Up for Our Newsletter” to convey the sole purpose.

2. Compelling Headlines:

  • Direct headline: The headline is the first thing that your audience views. Therefore it must be catchy and convey the exact idea of your B2B tech solution. For instance, you can highlight a problem that your audience might be facing.
  • Subheadline: Use a subheadline to provide additional context, highlighting key benefits or addressing pain points. If you’ve highlighted a question in the headline previously, provide a simple solution to it in the subheadline. Remember to keep it short.


Headline: “Struggling with Data Security Gaps in Your Enterprise Network?”

Subheadline: “Discover Our Cutting-edge Solutions for Fortifying Your Business Against Cyber Threats and Ensuring Unrivaled Data Protection.”

3. Focused Messaging:

  • Address pain points: Craft a message that directly speaks to the challenges your target audience faces. Research and point out the genuine problems being faced by your audience.
  • Showcase solutions: At a later stage, clearly mention how your B2B tech solution provides solutions and improves business processes.

Example: Address the pain point of slow data processing with a message like, “Say Goodbye to Data Lag – Experience Lightning-Fast Analytics with Our Tech.”

4. Clean Design:

  • Minimize distractions: Opt for a clean design that minimizes unnecessary elements, keeping the focus on the key message and call-to-action.
  • Professional visuals: Although your audience is probably going to be the decision maker in a rush, the use of high-quality images and graphics grabs attention. Additionally, it enhances the professional look of the landing page.

Example: Use a minimalist design with a clear value proposition, high-quality product images, and a single, visually striking CTA button.

5. Highlight Benefits:

  • Emphasize key benefits: Clearly outline the specific advantages and positive outcomes of using your B2B tech solution. Do not try to withhold information to make the audience continue reading. It is the job of a landing page to be direct, so use it to your advantage.
  • Use bullet points: Break down benefits into easily scannable bullet points for quick comprehension.

Example: Showcase benefits like “Enhanced Security,” “Scalability,” and “Real-time Analytics” with concise bullet points.

6. Social Proof:

  • Testimonials: Even if you claim several times you’re trustworthy, people mostly trust live testimonials from satisfied clients or case studies.  This is a way of showcasing successful implementations of your B2B tech.
  • Client logos: Display logos of reputable clients to build credibility and trust.

Example: Feature a testimonial like, “Our ROI skyrocketed after implementing XYZ Tech – A game-changer for our business.”

7. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA):

  • Prominent placement: Position the CTA prominently on the page, and ensure that it stands out.
  • Action-oriented language: Use compelling and action-oriented language in the CTA to encourage immediate response.

Example: Place a bold CTA button saying, “Request a Demo Now” or “Get Started” prominently on the page.

If you have any questions still bothering you, check out our answers to some frequently asked questions in the next section, maybe you’ll find your answer.

FAQ: Top 7 Factors to Consider While Creating Landing Pages for B2B Tech Companies

Do I need a domain for a landing page?

Yes, having a unique domain for your landing page enhances professionalism and brand credibility. It provides a dedicated space for your campaign, separate from your main website.

Does my landing page need a privacy policy?

Yes, including a privacy policy is crucial. It builds trust by informing visitors about data usage, ensuring compliance with regulations, and fostering transparency in your B2B tech marketing.

How to perfect the hero image of a landing page for a B2B tech company?

Choose a high-quality image that aligns with your tech solution. Feature visuals of your product in action, team collaboration, or a compelling representation of the value your tech brings.

Do landing pages work for B2B?

Absolutely. Well-designed B2B landing pages focus on lead generation, showcasing solutions, and guiding potential clients toward conversion. They play a vital role in the B2B sales funnel.


In conclusion, to create effective B2B tech landing pages, you need to have a strategic approach. These pages can become powerful tools by highlighting the problems, providing clarity, and guiding users towards conversions. 

The strategies shared here are based on the best B2B landing pages till 2023 and offer a blueprint for success. Every element, whether it’s a compelling headline, highlighting benefits, or showcasing social proof, contributes to a seamless user experience. 
Explore the art of B2B landing pages, and discover the Midas Touch for your tech venture. Best B2B landing pages await your creation.

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