B2B Companies – Here’s How to Go About Creating A Digital Impact

Embarking on a digital journey is daunting, but, careful planning and execution will deliver solid results. Social media is no longer a place to connect and interact with people, it’s a platform to build your online brand and create meaningful relationships with information-hungry clients. B2B companies realise the impact of digital marketing and are ready to utilise the internet for scaling their business. However, it’s important to leverage the right tools to achieve long-term growth. 

Let’s understand the reality of digital impact and list the golden B2B digital marketing strategies that guarantee positive results.

The Science of Digital

Ask any B2B or B2C company about digitisation and they will talk about publishing blogs, whitepapers or running PPC campaigns and Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc. While these are the building blocks of a B2B content marketing plan, they don’t necessarily attract the right audience if the purpose of creating content is not clear.

With many companies fighting to capture the customer’s attention, we are seeing the emergence of herd mentality in the digital space. Many competitors are duplicating stuff without building “context” or “value” in their initiatives. 

Content is king but context is kingmaker and the impact of digital marketing increases tenfold if you are prioritising the audience’s needs. 

That said, let’s focus on the key 8 B2B marketing strategies to craft a compelling narrative for your online brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Transformation

1. Customer is The Starting Point of the Digital Game

Unable to understand where to begin the digital journey? Start engaging with your customers and analyze their pain points. For instance, if clients want a specific software upgrade in your IT application, consider that as a priority. Here are a few additional things to research in the initial phase.

  • Create a client persona/journey map – You have a digital presence but are your clients finding it difficult to reach you? Map out the multiple touchpoints where the impact of digital marketing and engagement is high. Invest in offering direct benefits to the customer and enable them to connect with you without any friction.   
  • Alert = Consistency – Keep an eye out for the future because customer’s needs evolve and it’s best to continue engaging to understand their feedback and what they are looking for in the long term. 

2. Check Your Digital Stage

Most B2B companies fail to assess the impact of digital marketing by ignoring their current online performance. In the earlier section, we discussed the importance of analyzing the future market trends. However, understanding the present scenario gives the clarity to take the right steps to achieve digital transformation.

  • KPIs and Insights – How much is your brand investing in making data-driven decisions? The most important B2B marketing KPI examples include conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR), repeat purchase traffic, website visits, and, referral traffic. 
  • Customer Experience – Check if the organization is interested in marketing automation and CRM tools. It’s crucial to continue online engagement even after the final purchase to amplify your brand’s presence. 
  • Using Advanced Tools – B2B marketing is a complex process with longer sales cycles and streamlining operations is critical to deliver a robust impact of digital marketing. Thus, measure your company’s investment in marketing technology and check if there is a need for system upgradation.  

3. Give High-Value Information

What are you selling online? If it is only about the product or service, then the impact of digital marketing will be limited. Many companies complain they do not see any engagement on their social channels. It is the result of a lack of expertise as not everything is about the product and sales is a single component of a digital strategy. 

A user can engage with a brand for various reasons and identifying that to generate effective information to solve their problems is the key to establishing online authority.

4. Nurture Leads through Email Marketing

Newsletters and emailers create a strong impact of digital marketing for your brand. By providing relevant and valuable content directly to the customer’s inbox, you are helping them make informed decisions. This also paves the way to connect closely with your target audience as personalized messages enhance expertise and credibility, thus, creating a long-lasting digital impact in the minds of customers.

Follow the B2B content marketing best practices by tailoring the content as per the client’s attributes like buying stage, behaviour, and interest. 

5. Leverage Social Media 

Nowadays, social media marketing for B2B is an extension of your brand personality. About 80-90% of B2B buyers use social media before making a purchase. Utilize platforms like Linkedln to reach out to key decision-makers in specific industries. 

Sharing insightful and detailed posts creates a positive narrative and increases the impact of digital marketing for your company. 

  1. Digital storytelling leads to impactful and solution-driven stories that ultimately generate buzz around your online persona.
  2. Establishes a strong brand recall.
  3. Real-time doubt resolution and creating an online community that’s dedicated to learning about the latest updates of the brand. 

6. Working with Influencers

Content creators have a considerable impact on the digital world. For example, if you are a B2B brand selling IT software to accounting companies, collaborating with tech influencers will garner significant audience attention. They can make content on your product like How-To guides or review videos to fuel the impact of digital marketing for your company. 

Influencers have huge following ranging from 10,000 to millions of followers, giving you the reach and attention of many people online. 

7. Data Configuration

Digital footprint is a treasure trove of data for B2B companies. It is at the heart of every customer interaction and a robust data management strategy enables in-depth analytics and reporting. A flexible and centralized data storing system provides valuable information about your client’s behavior helping you to set standards for digital initiatives.

8. Content Marketing Strategy

Prepare a B2B content marketing strategy checklist to nurture existing and new customers. In a crowded online market, a well-defined strategy will increase the impact of digital marketing and allow companies to highlight their unique value proposition, and industry expertise, helping them differentiate from other competitors.

Now that you are aware of the best B2B digital strategies, let’s shed light on the commonly asked queries to gain deep clarity.

FAQs: B2B Companies – Here’s How to Go About Creating A Digital Impact

What is B2B digital transformation?

It is diversifying and creating omnichannel strategies to target customers at multiple checkpoints to increase sales, client retention, and conversion. 

What is B2B digital services?

There are various services including social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, personal branding, email marketing and digital lead nurturing techniques. 

How do I create a digital marketing campaign?

Research and segment your audience based on behavioural attributes and demography. The second step is using data and establishing brand KPIs to track growth. Create, publish, and measure the content and the impact of digital marketing campaigns. 

Is Digital Growth Difficult

We believe in the long-term impact of digital marketing because online campaigns and paid advertisements take time to generate good-quality prospects. People engage and foster a connection before choosing to stay with a particular brand. To ensure consistent digital growth, get in touch with Midas touch to fuel your B2B content marketing campaigns.

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