5 Proven LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B IT Companies

LinkedIn marketing strategy

Are you an IT company looking to tap into the power of social media to drive traffic and boost leads for your business? If so, then LinkedIn is the right platform for you. But there are plenty of users sharing content every day, it can be tough to differentiate your brand. Fortunately, in this detailed blog, we will uncover the top 5 techniques to power your LinkedIn marketing strategy, giving you all the necessary insights to help you succeed. 

First, let’s understand why LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B IT companies.

Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform for IT Companies

People often wonder, how effective is LinkedIn for B2B marketing. Studies show that 80-90% of B2B leads are generated via LinkedIn. This is because the platform offers the right mix of data-driven, reliable, and authoritative content to the users. 

Most IT professionals are looking for solutions that can help them solve complex business operations and sharing thoughtful blogs and articles educate the audience as they move from one buying stage to another. If you are looking for the latest B2B industry insights, creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you achieve your goals. 

Marketers utilize LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies to instantly grow their business leading to positive ROI. Whether it’s showcasing firms to potential consumers or finding a business partner, LinkedIn is the place to reach out to buyers and decision-makers of IT companies. 

Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where people want to learn about the personal lives of their friends and family, LinkedIn users want to enrich their professional lives. Founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs are seeking network optimization tools or the latest IT software and the future of IT marketing presents big growth opportunities.

So, if you are ready to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn marketing strategy, keep reading.

5 Top LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

1. Accurate and Niche-Specific Targeting

LinkedIn is a goldmine for people to target their audience and all the data comes straight from valued members. The precise, actionable, and niche-specific data are a boon for companies trying to put their content in front of their audience. 

Account targeting is a unique approach to targeting your preferred clients. Simply, use the search bar on your LinkedIn homepage by typing the name of your target audience. For example, if you are looking for IT professionals, type IT consultants and gain access to multi-niche groups.

Test and reach out to these groups and after they let you join, start commenting on existing conversations and previous posts. Do not post random comments and try to provide rich content and valuable information by focussing on making them informative, high-quality, and robust. 

People believe LinkedIn is a credible source of information and LinkedIn marketing strategy will help you grab leads in the industry. For instance, publish a thoughtful article on any latest trend and post the same content on Linkedln along with sharing it in relevant professional groups. This will give maximum and authentic exposure to your post.

2. It’s Time for Paid Advertising

Several companies are fighting to gain better visibility on Linkedln. So, if you have the optimal budget, invest in paid advertising to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy

Paid advertisements deliver immediate results in attracting potential B2B clients by targeting specific attributes of your audience. This involves demographics, location, and behaviour. However, keep these things in mind.

  • Monitor your campaigns and study the performance data closely.
  • Create enticing ad copies and eye-catching visuals to capture the attention of your audience.
  • Optimize them regularly to create a steady stream of high-generation leads.

3. Newsletters are Powerful

Move over conventional posts because newsletters help you to establish a better personal connection with your audience. If you want to get closer to B2B IT companies, start a newsletter as they provide a unique advantage to build an email list. Unlike other social media platforms, linkedln newsletters allow you to easily invite your followers and connections to subscribe, helping you to build your audience quickly. 

This means firms can leverage their connections to send relevant content straight to their followers’ inboxes making it an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy. This drives high engagement rates and increases brand loyalty. 

4. Detailed Analytical Tools Like Never Before

What differentiates linkedln from other digital platforms? It provides built-in tools to monitor your page’s performance. Use these tools to capture engagement rates, total impressions, and follower count. These metrics will help you create a better LinkedIn marketing strategy for B2B IT companies. 

5. Linkedln Video Marketing

The tried and tested formula for LinkedIn marketing strategy is effective video marketing. Users watch video content rather than static posts and are more likely to engage with business page videos and product demos. 

Get creative and host a live training session for IT professionals. This will, in turn, generate leads that will convert into high-ticket clients. Videos are a great way to convey a company’s personality beyond a logo. Boost your promotion and let customers know about your services which will help build long-term trust. 

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

  1. A vital lead generation marketing channel 
  2. Contextual-based marketing allows you to hit the right spot with your audience.
  3. The precise data helps to get you right in front of your target audience with specific needs. 
  4. Account-based marketing and lookalike audience features enable you to target a specific number of companies and similar audiences.
  5.  Detailed Ad objectives – lead generation, website visits, video views, engagement, and conversion.

To emphasize the importance of Linkedln B2B marketing, let’s address the frequently asked questions so you will gain a complete understanding of the B2B strategy.

FAQs – LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Is Linkedln effective for marketing?

Linkedln is the best platform to expand your professional network. When you use Linkedln to market your business, you get access to analytics, tools, connections, and the potential to target your audience specifically. 

What is the best Linkedln B2B posting strategy?

The best Linkedln marketing strategy is to use rich media like videos and images. This creates higher engagement and sharing rates leading to quality conversion. It is simple – Photos and videos always perform better because people like visually strong content than simple text lines. 

What B2B content is most successful on Linkedln?

People stop scrolling and engage better with product demo videos. Videos are a great way to start conversations among members. Users spend a lot of time watching video ads compared to time spent on static sponsored content. 

What are the top 5 types of linkedln users?

The top 5 types of linkedln users include – Entrepreneurs/Founders, Thought Leaders, Contributors, Business owners, and marketing consultants. 

How to do B2B sales on Linkedln?

Connect with relevant people in your industry, optimize your company page and profile, and create a robust outreach strategy that combines a mix of content and email targeting, paid ads, and building a niche-specific network. 

Rounding Up

To conclude, a specialized LinkedIn marketing strategy will build holistic growth for your IT company. However, many companies fail to develop a unique value proposition and choosing their marketing channels. Every decision, every tactic, and every outcome is measurable. 
Without realistic KPIs, goals, and marketing channels, you may end up wasting time, money, and resources on activities that will not help you achieve your desired objectives. Hence, It’s crucial to look for a strategic partner to develop a robust Linkedln content marketing strategy and Midas Touch can help you create a top-notch LinkedIn strategy to keep you ahead of the curve in the B2B industry.

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