4 B2B Companies in Pune That Are Rocking Content and Social Media Marketing

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While searching for a specific content or niche, we rarely go to the second page of the search engine. Users would like to find all the information they need on the first page itself. This is exactly what digital marketing companies do. B2B companies in Pune companies utilise social media for brand awareness, customer engagement, product promotion, and market research. This is a direct channel for the companies to connect with audiences, gather feedback, and stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Their tactics and efforts ensure that your content on search engines shows up first and on social media garners more engagement. Doing this helps to increase digital presence and spreads the word about the company. 

A social media and content marketing strategy for tech companies helps to brainstorm the content type and audience reach for their potential growth.  

Here are four tech B2B companies in Pune who are doing the social media game right. 

4 B2B Tech Companies at the Top of Content and Social Media Marketing

 With a proper social media strategy, tech companies can prioritise content showcasing expertise, product updates, and customer success stories. Engage with industry influencers and participate in relevant conversations. Utilise analytics to refine strategies and ensure consistent brand representation across platforms. See the best B2B companies in Pune. 

1. Persistent Systems

Website: Persistent Systems 

The staff of Persistent Systems have done an about-turn, from taking away social media activity to using it for recruitment and business development. Simultaneously, the amount of special inquiries referring to gamification technology made by social media is half of eMee division’s specialisation and this dynamic is confirmed by Siddhesh Bhobe who is the CEO-eMee. 

One of the activities that these B2B companies in Pune used to promote its image was launching campaigns, such as hackathons, and the campaign drove about 1.3 million social media impressions. 

Employee engagement is aided through social media as unconventional competitions and incentives like dinners with higher management are the best way to improve brand visibility and facilitate the talent acquisition process. Besides this particular case, Bhobe thinks that campus recruitment is much affordable through the usage of social media and if you showcase the company culture social media will work.

2. KPIT Technologies

Website: KPIT 

KPIT Technologies knows the importance of social media marketing and uses various powerful social media platforms to maximise its audience reach. The company is there on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube. 

The KPIT Technologies team members work hard to build a strong social media presence, interact with the users, and provide solutions to the problems that they face.

They use strategies like

  • SEO Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy of KPIT Technologies – SEO

As per SEO ranking, usually the number of keywords – below 500 is bad, above 1000 is good, and 10,000+ is amazing. The KPT website has  7k+ organic keywords and showcases great performance. 

This indicates that the company has a good number of insights. KPIT’s digital marketing is attracting a large number of visitors. The monthly traffic is in the 20k+ range, which is amazing.

  •  They also do influencer marketing, which in today’s day and age is one of the most effective ways to market products or services. The influencers are popular in the industry and when they are promoting a product, it becomes popular. 
  • They also have a mobile app that allows you to check the status of your vehicle from the control of your home. You can also view the vehicle history, schedule and appointment to have it serviced and more. 
  •  They also create high quality content that is interesting and engaging for the target audience. They create this content by hiring a professional writer to create unique articles that are optimised for search engines. 

Just like KPIT Technologies, there are other B2B companies in Pune with excellent elaborate marketing strategies. Let’s check them out. 

3. Zensar Technologies


This is a leading experience, engineering, and technology solution provider – is actively using social media. The strategy is to promote their name by improving their global presence and engaging with varied stakeholders. 

By the means of such social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, Zensar centres its competencies in the field of devising and developing of digital products for the top-of-the-range customers of different sectors, such as high-tech engineering, finance, insurance, production and consumer services. By means of experience, artificial intelligence, data analytics, construction, and application, Zensar distributes helpful materials and industrial success cases which is a proof of commitment to investing and futurism in a business. 

As one of the top B2B companies in Pune , Zensar utilises its more than 60 technology partners wide network including industries like Oracle, Salesforce, as well as SAP to cover the clients’ full spectrum’s needs, together with smooth integration, and making use of the latest in the whole spectrum of tools for optimised business results. 

Zensar has 10,500 employees from 50+ nations operating in 30 locations globally. Their presence incorporates a fundamental diversity and multicultural approach thus giving strength to our ability to deal with rapidly changing markets, whilst delivering value added resolutions to our local and global customers.

4. Cybage Software

Website: Cybage

Cybage is a global leader in the Digital Product Engineering Services space. A pioneer in the media and advertising space, Cybage smartly leverages social media to strengthen brand perception and to interact with its demographic base, which explains its continued success. 

Through the use of platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Mark builds up his brand and engages with its stakeholders. Through well placed tags as #Media and #Advertising, Cybage does not only illustrate its know-how of the digital space but also establishes itself as an industry icon. It is able to show its credentials and leadership in the virtual space.

The Cybage brand is not only established but grows faster by being true to it. This is accomplished by maintaining an active social media presence, therefore, the brand image, the number of leads, and the sales extend. 

Cybage communicates these ideologies via the informative posts, industry insights, and success stories to educate primarily about the underlying principle behind social media marketing, emphasising on the point that it has become an integral for developing the brand and engaging customers.

Cybage is not just any media and advertising B2B companies in Pune, rather it is a strategic partner that is actively engaged in social media marketing through which it reinforces its independent image among clients who seek innovative solutions in the media and advertising space.

FAQs: 4 B2B Companies in Pune That Are Rocking Content and Social Media Marketing

How important is social media marketing for companies?

If companies want to grow social media marketing is the key to it. With it, thеy can incrеasе thеir rеach ang еngagеmеnt with thеir targеt audiеncе. It hеlps thеm to build brand awarеnеss and drivе traffic ang gеnеratе lеads.  

What sеrvicеs do Midas Touch offer to its cliеnts?

If you arе looking for all kinds of B2B social mеdia sеrvicеs and thеn Midas Touch has all thе answers for you. Thе sеrvicеs rangе from digital markеting and B2B contеnt markеting ang social mеdia managеmеnt ang CXO branding to hеlp cliеnts achiеvе thеir businеss goals.

What are KPIs in social media marketing?

Kеy Pеrformancе Indicators (KPIs) in social mеdia markеting arе mеtrics usеd to еvaluatе thе еffеctivеnеss of campaigns ang stratеgiеs. Examplеs include rеach and еngagеmеnt and convеrsions and click through ratеs and ang followеr growth. 


These top 4 B2B tech companies in Pune show the power and force of content and social media marketing. The key lies in coming up with innovative strategies and engaging campaigns. 

For more insights into navigating the dynamic realm of tech and marketing, don’t forget to visit the blog of our very own Midas Touch Consultants. Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates, expert tips, and industry analysis tailored just for you from the best of the B2B companies in Pune. 

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