B2B Marketing Trends for Mid-Size Companies in 2024

B2B marketing trends

With the start of this new year, it is time to reflect on where B2B marketing is heading. If we go back a few decades, marketing heavily relied on direct sales tactics, cold calls and industry events. But today the world has changed. With the advent of AI and social media platforms, the B2B marketing trends have also rapidly transformed. 

Technology plays a big role in the marketing trends for these mid-sized B2B companies. And as technology is rapidly evolving, it is fit to embrace emerging trends that are crucial for staying competitive. Amongst all, personalisation reigns supreme as it allows companies to forge deeper connections with their B2B clients.

Also leveraging AI and machine learning, enterprises can analyse vast amounts of data to tailor marketing strategies with precision delivering relevant content to their target audience. 

So, without further adieu let’s see some marketing budget trends for mid-size companies. Some of these might include influencer marketing, AI solutions and more. 

5 B2B Marketing Trends

There are many known strategies for businesses like the B2B outbound marketing strategies. But this year, there are many developments and companies need to catch up with them. Let’s have a look.

1. Influencer Marketing 

1 in 4 marketers currently leverages influencer marketing. According to B2B marketers, influencer marketing has become a pivotal strategy to enhance brand credibility and drive growth.

The audience is always online and influencers have a chokehold on the younger demographic. Many brands are reaching out to their target client base through influencer marketing. 

Unlike traditional B2C influencer marketing that focuses on -social media celebrities or film personalities, B2B marketing trends make influencer marketing centre around individuals who have significant influence within specific industries or niches. For instance, they may include:

  • Executive
  • Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs/ Founders
  • Speakers and Thought Leaders
  • Authors 
  • Podcasters

Why Choose Influencer Marketing 

There are reasons why B2B brands are turning to influencer marketing in 2024:

  • Builds Credibility: Influencers bring a level of credibility that traditional advertising cannot usually achieve. When an industry influencer endorses a B2B product or service, it becomes valuable social proof. Their seal of approval enhances the brand’s reputation, trustworthiness and credibility. 
  • Reaching Target Audience: Influencers already have a massive platform. They have cultivated a dedicated following within a specific niche. This allows B2B brands to target them and their desired demographic. Partnering with influencers whose audiences align with their target marketing, ensures efforts that they direct towards the right decision-makers and stakeholders. 
  • Humanising the Brand: Amongst this list of B2B marketing trends, humanising your brand is very crucial. B2B marketing usually faces the challenge of appearing impersonal. Influencer marketing can help them close that gap. They offer a relatable face to the brand. When influential social media figures from online with the brand on a personal level, potential clients find it easier to form a connection with the brand’s values. 
  • Leverage Industry Trends- Influencers are the ones who start a trend. These trends later become invaluable sources of insight and knowledge. By engaging with influencers, B2B brands can stay updated on the latest trends, innovations and market shifts. They can adapt their strategies accordingly, maintaining a competitive edge. 

Let’s see some other B2B marketing trends.

2. Conversational Marketing 

This new strategy has emerged as a powerful tool for engaging potential and existing customers. This approach leverages chatbots, live chat, messaging apps and other interactive tools to facilitate two-way conversations. 

So, how and why does conversational marketing work so effectively for B2B brands in 2024?

It aligns itself with evolving consumer behaviours and expectations. Today;’s customers demand supportive and personalised interactions with brands. Using technology, conversational marketing enables businesses to transition from impersonal mass communication to unique, individualised customer experiences. This will; ultimately accelerate lead generation and nurture prospects through the sales funnel. 

Here are some practical B2B marketing trends:

  • Guide Prospects with Your Offers: Use chatbots to interact with website visitors. Guide them through your products and services. With a growing social media presence, using this tool helps users understand features and how they can address their individual needs. 
  • Replace Lead Generation Forms with a Chatbot: Amp up the bottom-of-funnel interactions by allowing prospects to schedule meetings or demo sessions. They can do so with the representatives directly through chat or by accessing the lead forms.
  • Re-engaging with Old and Existing Accounts: Use conversational marketing tools to independently interact with customers. Provide them with offers or support as they navigate the services.

Companies can also leverage conventional marketing tools to promote events and webinars to the community. They can send real-time alerts via the chats. 

Let’s see some more B2B marketing trends that will make your business a leader in the game. 

3. Building a Personal Brand

Online presence these days is all about personal branding.

Businesses need a distinct identity to stand out from the sea of others. They need to showcase your unique value proposition and position themselves as an industry expert. By consciously crafting a personal brand, they can gain a competitive edge and establish long-lasting professional relationships. 

When information is readily available in today’s market a strong personal brand is more crucial than ever. It is not just about self-promotion but adding meaning and value to your industry. 

The Need of a Personal Brand

Also, personal branding of the company can bring in more new opportunities and increase the chances of client turnover. To make a personal brand companies need to identify their unique selling proposition (USP).

  • Even if the services and the work go out in the name of the company, having a human face or connection makes it easy to relate to it. 
  • Recognising the power of human connection in business, these firms prioritise building and showcasing the expertise and credibility of key individuals within their organisations. 
  • Through thought leadership platforms, such as LinkedIn articles, webinars, and speaking engagements, mid-size companies amplify their executives’ voices, establishing them as industry authorities. 

Such B2B marketing trends foster trust, facilitate meaningful relationships with clients and stakeholders, and ultimately drive business growth.  

4. Content Marketing

This tool continues to be a dominating trend for mid-size companies in 2024. The focus is to deliver value and build relationships. So, they leverage content to establish thought leadership, educate their audience and drive brand awareness.

Companies can use insightful blog posts to engage social media campaigns and interactive multimedia content to drive customer engagement. The B2B audience is here to stay when they get interactive and relevant materials. 

Not only that, companies can also tailor their content strategies to address the pain points and interests of their target market, mid-size companies can differentiate themselves in competitive landscapes, nurture leads, and ultimately drive conversions while maximising their marketing ROI.

Pro Tip: Apart from creating long-from content also engage in B2B email marketing examples to cold call clients.

Companies must adhere to B2B content marketing benchmarks, budgets and trends. This ensures a continued focus on quality over quantity. Companies can allocate substantial budgets to create compelling and informative content that resonates with their target audience. 

  • Trends show a shift towards interactive and multimedia content formats. These include videos, podcasts, and interactive infographics, to capture attention and drive engagement. 
  • Additionally, there’s an increased emphasis on measuring content performance through advanced analytics tools. This allows businesses to refine their strategies and optimise ROI. 

As competition intensifies, mid-size companies are also exploring niche platforms and innovative distribution channels to reach their B2B clients effectively while staying agile in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

5. AI= Efficient and Effective 

AI-powered tools from advertising platforms make creating ads easier and you have new ways to target more people. 

In 2023, Google announced a host of new AI features for Google Ads. Just a few prompts will make Google’s Asset Creation for Performance Max create a custom image, video, and text for your campaign.

For Facebook, AI underpins Advantage. This is an advanced way to continuously improve ad targeting. The platform leverages machine learning to automatically adjust ad targeting depending on pixel data, conversion history and the audience pool that engages with your content.

Such B2B marketing trends like leveraging AI-powered analytics, chatbots, and personalised recommendations, firms enhance customer experiences, optimise campaigns, and streamline operations for competitive advantage.

FAQs: B2B Marketing Trends for Mid-Size Companies in 2024

Which trends will dominate B2B marketing in 2024?

AI-driven insights, personalised marketing and omnichannel strategies are some of the popular trends that mid-size companies in the B2B marketing sphere will adopt in 2024.

What is sustainability marketing?

This focuses on promoting eco-friendly practices, emphasising corporate social responsibility, and highlighting environmentally conscious services.

Which are the best platforms for influencer B2B marketing?

LinkedIn, Twitter, and industry-specific forums are effective platforms for influencer B2B marketing due to their professional audience and engagement opportunities.


Throughout 2024, B2B marketing trends will keep on evolving. AI and consumer behaviour will largely influence this evolution. As these trends reshape the marketing landscape, they also empower companies to forge deeper connections and drive sustainable growth in the dynamic B2B arena.

Here at Midas Touch, we try to bridge the gap between you and your customers by leveraging the latest and trending B2B marketing tools to give your brand that “golden touch”!

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